Please forgive this 'Broadside,' but I want to give out the good news quickly and I haven't much time [I am going to Florida to visit with Henry et al tomorrow].

I was seen by a highly recommended oncologist today, and he has been rather reassuring.  Dr. Howard Bruckner is a highly reputable, kindly and well-known published specialist and has created several new protocols in the field and has had some amazing successes.  He was recommended to me by Rabbi Meir Fund [or, I to him ?] and my Gerontologist at NY University Medical had good things to say about him, as did my contact at Memorial Sloan-Kettering [Lew].

In brief, this is what he said:

He is 'not impressed' by the masses in my liver: meaning, he's seen much worse and believes mine can be handled.  This was very reassuring to me.

He feels that Dr. Groisser, my Crohn's doctor, has done a thoroughly professional job in trying to track down the primary site.  He sees no need to repeat any of this.  This also eased my mind.

He believes [as does Dr. Groisser] that either the small bowl [27 feet long] or the pancreas [a carrot-like organ] is involved.  The good news is, that either/both of these are treated by the very same protocols [chemotherapy] and that they will respond to treatment, as will the liver.

He feels, therefore, that determining exactly which of the organs is the original site amounts to an unnecessary delay, so I may decide NOT to go to Memorial Sloan-Kettering for further analysis, after all.  [I have an appointment there for next Thursday.]

Dr. Bruckner will consult with Dr. Groisser and treatment may start next week, after I return from Florida.

Wishing good health, safety, prosperity and happiness to all,