Date: Sat, 24 Jan 2004 08:55:32 EST
Subject: Re: twin towers.
Dear Nachum

Did I ever answer this ?  It takes me a while to react to architectural designs.   I like the proposed memorial design rather much.  Two pools representing the 'footprint' of the buildings, some surrounding waterfalls to bring some gentle movement and sound into the place:  people always like water.  [We are composed 85% of water, after all.. .. ..]

Then some quiet places for the mourners.  Hopefully these will be watched and NOT vandalized.  Public spaces in NYC that are shut off can be dangerous.  The surrounding retaining walls [which kept out the Hudson River in the WTC] will be left and exposed.  They are an engineering marvel, and should be exposed.  They were designed by the son of a woman in my congregation, she tells me.  {Almost every week.. .. ..]

I also like a tall tower, with a 'spire' going up 1776 feet.  Neat touch by the architect, Leibeshold {Spell ?].  Nice to have one of the tribe involved, isn't it ?

What is your opinion, and others in Israel ?

At this point, I am hoping to be with Henry when you visit:  Henry says that there is no  problem about this with Myrna..

Love,   Dad

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What is your opinion about the design for the memorial?
I heard they are also planning to build new towers there, the highest in
the world.  Do you know anything about this?
Nachum Danzig
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