27 Jan 2004
Dear Nachum

Frankly, I am bothered that they are taking a week to locate the source, but every one with knowledge tells me that this is normal and correct.  I want them to start procedures right away.  {Once they start I may feel discomfort, and regret that ! ]

They can be rather sure where to look, however.  It seems that when an abnormal cell breaks away and lodges elsewhere, it retains certain 'markings' of its origin.  {Some have brown hair, some have RED hair ! ]  So, if Red means stomach, and they find a cell with red hair in the intestines, they know the origin.  They do not have to look everywhere.

For some reason they are not talking right now about surgery.  Perhaps because the cells are isolated, like grains of salt, or stars in the Milky Way, rather than in a big lump. 
Modern medicine, as far as I know, does not think these things heal themselves spontaneously.  That is the realm of alternate healing and faith healing, which depend on herbs or prayer, etc., etc., to get results.

I want to go to Florida and to see you at this time, VERY MUCH.  However, they have not set the 'protocol' of therapy, which could be taking something once a week, twice or three times a week.  Obviously, THAT will come first.  I have three books:  one for you and once each for Rachele and Rivkah [on Rachele's class in keeping the home].  I have other stuff around also.  But I think I will send the books as  a fail safe, to Henry.  Then, even if I cant make it [which I would regret] you'd get the books.  Can you take them ?  And the 'Cat' books ?  The latter is entirely up to you.

Love  Dad

this news is good - but thing still sound very serious.
The should still look in other places .  It could be in the stomach and
some where else too.  I suppose they can cut out a piece of your stomach.
will the liver then clean itself up, or do they still need to do chemo?

Also, do you know if you will be able to go to Florida?