26 Jan 2004 Dear Dad,
Do you know anything more since yesterday?  I am concerned and have been
thinking about it.  Let me know.

WELL, NACHUM, THE BEST NEWS WHICH WILL COME NEXT is that they have found specifically the causative organ, and R. Groisser is still working on that.  Today I went to Montclair and he performed an endoscopy,  poking a lighted TV camera down my throat, into the belly and out the Pylorus valve.  [I love writing Pylorus Valve !  Sounds so Greek !

The good news is the bad news:  Groisser found small 'grains' on the lining of the stomach, which do not belong there.  Bad that they are there, good that he found them.  He snatched a few and these are out for biopsy.  I told Groisser that I intend to be treated in NYC and he agree.. ..

Thursday I will return to Mountainside and he will do another colonoscopy:  he does one almost every year on me  [in me].  In June he found some polyps there, but they tested benign, fortunately.

I also spoke with Lew Freedman, the alternate Gabbi in my synagogue, who is the Chief Administrator at Memorial Sloan-Kettering.  [They are one of the best in NYC, the country and the world in this area.]

After Groisser has worked up a complete brief [one even Colon Powell would find suitable to present to the United Nations !] with documentation [after Thursday] it will be looked at by him, also by Dr. Michael Freedman [my Geriatric Doctor at NYU] and Lew Freedman, and a decision will be made as to where this matter will be treated.  NYU is acceptable to me, and so Is Memorial SK.  Lew [thank G-d] told me that one of his friends is a liver specialist at Memorial, and that his word [Lew's] means a lot.

I consider myself a very lucky man.  And prudent too, since I hooked up with DR. Freedman 3 - 4 years ago.

I will send this E-mail to your brothers, to spare me having to duplicate it  --  the support of each of you is very evident, very precious and comforting to me.

I love each of you guys.. .. ..   Dad