Hi Terry

April 04 , 2004
I have now done three chemo sessions, and in general the effects hae been not very painful.  No nausea to speak of !  no headaches !  But I do get some strange effects, mainly a tiredness, a weariness, for a day or two, and then I feel okay.  Then sleep for ten hours.  Weird !  I find staring at the ceiling is an interesting pastime.

Plus some mouth fungus, some finger tingling, some stomach sensitivity,   Some days a good appetite, other nadia.  It like there is inconsistency inside my body from one day to the next.  I've never experienced anything like this.  I am slightly getting use to it, I guesses.  "One day at at time,' as they say. 

My friends are still calling and wishing me well, willing to shop and visit, at a reduced pace  ++ which is fine ++ although I am lucky enough to have a Home Health aid assigned to me fire days a week, four hours.  {Breakfast, shoppng and lunch.]  she leaves and I go to sleep, generally.  But I went to a movie last week {I would highly recommend NOT TO SEE, Ladykillers,' a two-dimensional, cartoon which is  redeemed only slights byTom Hanks.]

I will go to two Seders in the neighborhood, close to home, rather than visit Rabbi Myer Fund in Brooklyn, who has been very supportive of my illness.  Too much of a stretch, Brooklyn.  My schedule seems to be one Thurdsy-Friday I do a 24 hour infusion {Poison I.V.] and then, next week, I go in Thursday for a blood count.  These blood counts  But I'm thinking of asking them to skip this Thursday's chemo as the Sedar festivities will put a strain on me.

My third son [from Israel] plans to visit soon and an old girlfriend will be here May 12 - 19.  Except for the illness, this has been a remarkablely positive, interesting and  supportive and happy period in my life.  I have a purpose in life.. .. ..

And, I have  become closer to HaShem.   Each day I awaken I am so thankful.  I thank you for your support.  I hope and pray that the troubles in you family are improving and you share manty bright, happy times  ahead. Love,   Phil

[PS:  I have lost my 'FancyTickler' moniker in Abuzz {? ? ? ] but the gave me back my original handle of 'FunIntended' which I lost back in 2000 ?  for ukknown reasons.  Go figure.

Love,  Phil

Hi Phil,
   How are you doing?  Still in chemo?????? I've been thinking about you a lot lately.   Love and peace,   T