19 February, 2004
The consultation at Sloan Kettering went very well, and in fact, was quite impressive.  Dr. Ki Young Chung is a personable, calm, professional doctor, who discussed my charts, X-rays and what I had written.

He was curious about my being treated by Dr. Bruckner at Lutheran with five medicines simultaneously, but NOT in a way to alarm me. We discussed the advantages and disadvantages of that over the usual two medicines.

He pointed out that there was one test which had NOT been administered to me: involving radioactive sugar.  But he noted that it was 'conclusive' in only 25% of the cases in uncovering the organ of origin.  Dr. Bruckner had told me that delaying treatment on such a slim indicator was not worth it, in his opinion.  I agreed to take this test at S-K, with the results to be forwarded also, to Dr. Bruckner.

Dr. Chung also gave me an overall physical, which included measuring my height. The last time that was done was 15 - 20 years ago and since then I have apparently shrunk 1  1/2  inches.   Actually, I FEEL more 'grounded' than previously.

I asked Dr. Chung how long he had been with S-K and he said he was finishing a four-year fellowship.  I asked where he'd been before:  Johns Hopkins.  I was further impressed.

He asked should I take home my X-rays or should he copy them?  I asked him to copy them, then return them as I want to keep this avenue open,

Today, I returned to Lutheran [it takes about as long to get there, in Sunset Park, as it takes to get to Mountainside Hospital, in Montclair!]  and found, as expected, that my white and red blood counts were depressed.  They gave me two shots to stimulate production [W & R] and I return again, Thursday and Friday.

I am hiccupping but Dr. Edna at Lutheran, who saw me today, does NOT think that that is connected with my main condition.  I was give a medication for THAT, also.

This situation will NOT clear up with any rapidity, is a long term condition for which the 'cure' or amelioration will only be found by trial and error.  It is questionable whether I will find real relief before, or, after, the US Army leaves Iraq.

I appreciate your concern, of course !

Much love,   Me