Gabe's Recollections

He said that Infinity was an Irish singing group, and although I had heard from my teacher that it was a mathematical concept, I accepted Dad's opinion and repeated it with conviction to my teacher.

He also told me that my geranium plant was not a geranium plant but a weed that disguises itself as one so that unsuspecting planters will leave it in place. There was a philosophical point to be learned from that.

He said that as a child he had asked his parents for two presents that he never received: a Zebra and a helicopter.

He used to do Nazi impersonations: "Vee haff vays of finding out...." And then we would have to stick out our tongues, by which he claimed he could tell if we were lying or not.

He shot a bird that lived in the tree outside our house, claiming that it woke him up in the morning. He also drowned some kittens in a jar of water.